Vintage Style Cello Lapel Pin in Silver and Baltic Amber

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Vtg Cello Lapel Cognac Amber Body Brooch

This sterling silver and 100 % Baltic amber brooch is designed to be simultaneously traditional and unique, as there is no other piece exactly like it found anywhere on Earth. Each specimen of amber – brought by hand to America from Poland – is special in that it features tiny inclusions within the fossilized resin. Ambient light shines through and across the surface of the stone, causing the golden, yellow tones to sparkle from within the cognac center. Because every piece is unique, your gift of music brooch jewelry is not only guaranteed to impress, but to become one of her favorite additions to her daily wear collection.
Nothing speaks to the beauty and inspiration of classical music quite like the symbol of the cello. Symmetrical, recognizable and striking, the shape itself immediately calls to mind the lyrical strains of chords played in a symphony hall – always smoothly delivered, but capable of evoking deep and complex emotions. Baltic amber is known far and wide to elicit feelings of peace, calm, positivity, patience and overall well-being in those who wear it often.

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