Women’s Baltic Amber Rose Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Handmade Leverback Genuine Baltic Cognac Amber in Silver

The rose has long been associated with true love, lasting beauty, transformation, life and hope for the future. These Baltic amber rose earrings are crafted by hand from some of the most precious fossilized resins on the planet, carried directly from Poland to the United States to ensure authenticity and quality. Each piece is unique; no one sample of amber is the same as another due to the natural process by which the gemstone is created.  
Rose earrings are a classic staple in a woman’s jewelry collection. The rose is a delicate flower, yet still seen as a symbol of rebirth and strength. In this pair of sterling silver women’s earrings, the amber rose bud springs softly from two full leaves, offering promise and positive energy in a golden, caramel hue. Representative of healing, cleansing and confidence, the amber rose aids in self-expression and the embodiment of creativity.

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