Sterling Silver & Genuine Baltic Amber Butterscotch Heart Earrings

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Hand-Made Silver Stud w/ Authentic Fossilized Amber Orbs

A single orb of richly hued Baltic amber is held captive in a stylized silver heart in this pair of 100 percent authentic amber earrings. The .925 sterling silver sweeps gracefully around the golden-brown stone, fossilized and oxidized millions of years ago into what we know now as precious amber. The heart – forever a symbol of love and romance – is complemented beautifully by the polished round gem within. Tiny inclusions sparkle from the center of each sphere, catching the eye and drawing attention to glimmers of light reflected there. Surprise her with a gift of your affection with handcrafted Baltic amber heart earrings, ideal for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion in her life.
Infused with the metaphysical powers responsible for vitality, warm energy, protection and spiritual cleansing, genuine Baltic amber can be worn with any look – fun, feminine and flirtatious or smooth, subtle and sophisticated. Its value has been emphasized and respected throughout history, beginning as long ago as the Stone Age.

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