Refined Rectangular Cognac Baltic Amber Silver Earrings

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Hand-made .925 Sterling Silver w/ Natural Amber

Sophisticated in style, these delicately curved rectangular earrings are crafted of 100 percent authentic Baltic amber, brought lovingly by hand from Poland to the United States. Sterling silver gleams along the outside edge of the uniquely cut stone, a deep coffee-colored amber formed over millions of years in the Baltic region of northeastern Europe.
Known throughout the world as one of the most precious organic fossils on the planet, amber is imbued with a wide variety of metaphysical properties. Many men and women choose to wear Baltic amber in order to promote success, positive energy and general well-being, both physical and spiritual. Others see the fossilized resin’s true power in the reduction of stress, pain, illness and strife. These earrings are the ideal holiday present or a gift to show affection, gratitude, love or friendship.

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