Elegant Hand Made Multi-color Baltic Amber Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Sophisticated Cherry & Honey Baltic Amber Hues

Two complementary hues come together in this pair of Baltic amber earrings, delivered by hand to the U.S. directly from Poland. Reminiscent of the universally recognized “infinity” symbol, the gleaming swirls that embrace the amber are crafted of .925 sterling silver. The darker, honey-colored gems play beautifully against the lighter, pale yellow stones beneath, creating a flattering duo that’s impossible to miss.
Often called liquid sunshine, amber is among the most precious of fossilized organic materials on Earth. Each specimen is unique in its composition, which is why no piece of amber jewelry appears to be exactly like any other. Tiny, intricately formed inclusions glimmer from within the center of the glimmering stones in these amber earrings, catching and reflecting light from every angle. Cultures throughout history and from around the world believe Baltic amber holds valuable healing properties. Many men and women wear amber jewelry to attract good luck, success, prosperity and protection.

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