Women’s Amber Dangling Circle Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Handmade Round Baltic Natural Amber in Silver

Beautifully designed using only the highest-grade Baltic amber, this pair of round, cognac-colored earrings offers playful yet classic appeal as well as longevity and versatility. One orb of golden brown amber — perfectly polished and encircled by silver — dangles lightly from a smaller one, each seeming to emit its own source of sparkle and light. Tiny inclusions from within the fossilized resin make each piece of Baltic amber unique; no two earrings are exactly the same.
This amber jewelry is brought directly to the United States by hand from Poland, one of Earth’s most prolific sources of exceptional Baltic resins. Generations of people from a wide variety of cultures have cherished this precious stone due to the inherent life force it is said to hold within. In fact, many believe that Baltic amber possesses the ability to provide its wearer with protection, peace of mind, positive energy and general well-being.

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