Elegant Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver Oval Earrings

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Handmade with Natural Cognac Baltic Amber in 925 Silver

Thin, amber ovals fit exquisitely between two curves of sterling silver in this pair of modern, classy earrings for women. Their delicate, feminine shape and contemporary design make them a sophisticated addition to a simple, cognac-hued pendant from our Baltic amber jewelry collection. As the light — indoor ambience or natural sunlight outdoors — shines upon each intricate inclusion within the stone, tiny glimmers of golden yellow peek out from inside the fossilized resin.
Baltic amber of this caliber is gradually formed over the course of millions of years deep within the earth. Qualities associated with amber include positive energy, good health, the removal of negativity, psychic protection, emotional balance and feelings of serenity. As a gift, this pair of oval Baltic amber earrings serves as a special token of love and affection.

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