Unique Tri-Colored Gemstone Cross Pendant in Baltic Amber

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Crafted by Hand from Genuine Baltic Amber

This meticulously crafted cross pendant is unlike any other found on Earth. Each and every piece
is handmade from Baltic amber, so every miniscule detail is unique. Light yellow and gold-toned
flecks refract and reflect light from within the center of each gemstone. A symbol of religion, strength, faith, perseverance and love, this amber cross pendant is eternally bound by .925 sterling silver for longevity and beauty. The multicolored arms of the cross add to the piece’s singularity, making it the perfect gift for anyone who always strives to be an individual while maintaining oneness with God. Because every piece of pure Baltic amber jewelry was brought directly to New York from Poland, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your beautiful cross pendant is 100% unique and genuine.

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