Yellow Baltic Amber Olive Branch Sterling Silver Pin Brooch

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Natural Yellow Baltic Amber Body Pin

The olive branch – historically associated with ancient Greek mythology – first symbolized a variety of virtues and characteristics, from peace and protection to plentiful harvests and victory. This olive branch brooch features six handcrafted, oblong pieces of pure, Baltic amber set in .0925 sterling silver. The gleaming stems and leaves shimmer in outdoor and indoor light, as do the intricate inner inclusions within the resin itself. Over millions of years, tree resin from the Baltic countries hardened into fossils and became what we now recognize as truly beautiful amber.
In addition to serving as a symbol of peace and plenty, the olive branch has also represented forgiveness and mutual partnership or treaty. Regardless of the special meaning you may attribute to this universal symbol, this sterling silver and Baltic amber women’s brooch is sure to prove the best gift for a special occasion – from Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries to musical recitals, graduations and more.

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