Baltic Amber & Silver Olive Branch Brooch for Women

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Genuine Baltic Amber Cognac Amber Hand Made Brooch

Historically revered as a symbol of peace and victory, the olive branch is most prevalent today in Western culture. The widely recognizable branch, however, has been found in both religious and secular texts and artworks around the globe for centuries, particularly in the Mediterranean basin. This sterling silver olive branch brooch features six gleaming leaves of pure Baltic amber, carried by hand to the United States directly from Poland. These precious ovals of genuine, cognac-colored amber were formed millions of years ago in what is now Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. It is the highest grade of quality and considered the most attractive of all amber samples found today.
Amber is believed to possess a wide variety of metaphysical properties, including those that facilitate healing, cleansing and purity of mind, body and spirit. The olive branch’s symbolism combines with the benefits of authentic Baltic amber to create a timeless brooch that is the perfect addition to any sophisticated woman’s jewelry collection.

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