Natural Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Skincare Cream made w/ Baltic Amber

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The all-natural wrinkle prevention skincare system.

Naturalny krem do twarzy

AMBRA is designed for intensive dry skin care. It prevents the skin from drying; moisturizes it and increases its elasticity. AMBRA conditions, rejuvenates and strengthens skin cells as well as smoothens wrinkles and makes them shallower.


Size: 1.69 oz / 50 ml


AMBRA is rich in active contents including:

• Natural Amber Acid extracted and purified from Baltic Amber.

• Argan Oil otherwise known as the 'Liquid Gold' contains 'the Vitamin of Youth'.

• Hyaluronic Acid known for enhancing appearance of dry and damaged skin.

• Moisturizes and nourishes skin.

• Easy to use, Safe, all-natural.

• Beautifully designed packaging, great gift idea.


• Apply the cream on clean face, neck and cleavage lines of the skin in the morning and evening.


Introducing AMBRA our natural anti-wrinkle prevention cream. All natural composed on Baltic Amber Acid, Artan Oil and Hyaluronic Acid.

AMBRA is an anti-wrinkle cream made with natural ingredients. It nurtures the skin and replenishes it with vitality. It was designed to reduce wrinkles, and giving users a fresh, youthful look.

Unlike other skincare creams on the market, AMBRA is made using natural active contents exclusively. The magic happens with the combination of powerful elements, such as Baltic amber acid, as well as organ oil and hyaluronic acid. These natural elements have a stunning moisturizing effect. In addition to that, their prized bioactive properties are extremely beneficial to the skin.

Keeping the skin moistened is essential to wrinkle reduction, and AMBRA is absolutely ideal for this purpose. It can be applied gently on various areas of the body and/or the face, and simply let it settle in and work its way into your skin.

AMBRA was tested on many senior patients with wrinkle issues, and the results were astonishingly positive. After using the cream over a period of time, the patients’ wrinkles actually reduced dramatically. The result? Skin that looks healthier and younger.

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