Sterling Silver & Green Baltic Amber Orb Music Note Charm Pendant

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Handmade Silver Musical Charm w/ Natural Green Amber

The treble clef dates back to as early as the 16th century and is one of the most easily recognizable
symbols in music. This .925 sterling silver musician’s pendant consists of the iconic, curling treble
clef and a single, subtle orb of sparkling Baltic amber. Also known as the violin clef or the G clef, this symbol is held dearly by individuals for whom music is more than just notes and melody. The green of the genuine amber circle features shimmering internal inclusions that catch the light from every angle. The delicate curves of the silver clef reflect the classic symbol of music and the love of
all that music has to offer. Precious amber is widely believed to hold metaphysical properties and is frequently worn to promote patience, healing, protection, mental acuity, good luck and overall well-being.

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