Genuine Baltic Amber Violin Necklace Pendant

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Genuine Cognac Baltic Amber in Sterling Silver Violin

Crafted with genuine Baltic amber and .925 sterling silver for longevity and beauty, this unique necklace pendant is undeniably classy, refined and elegant. Polished silver gleams around a single oval of richly colored amber, one of the oldest and most prized organic gemstones on Earth. This one-of-a-kind violin pendant was transported by hand to the United States from Poland, where some of the world’s finest amber is found.

The stone’s power is derived from thousands of years of formation, from the moment the sap of an ancient evergreen tree began to fossilize into a hardened treasure. For centuries, many have considered this dark, multi-colored amber powerful enough to cleanse the mind of negativity, heal an ailing body and promote physical as well as emotional well-being in general. Surprise your favorite musician with a symbol of harmony and beauty crafted with authentic Baltic amber, handmade to last.

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