Sterling Silver & Baltic Amber Sunburst Flower Earrings

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Hand Made Genuine Amber in .925 Sterling Silver

Cognac-colored Baltic amber orbs surround a central orb of the same stone and hue, forming an unmistakably classic flower shape that evokes memories of the perfect sunrise. Handcrafted of the finest amber from Poland, these flower earrings are sure to surprise and delight whomever wears them. Pair with a complementary Baltic amber pendant to heighten a sophisticated style or choose a simpler ensemble for a more fun and flirty approach.

Most amber originated in the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods, approximately 30-90 million years ago. Its impressive age, however, is only one aspect of this fossilized resin’s allure. Since ancient times, the golden and yellow stone has been revered for a variety of other reasons, including the ability to rid its wearer of anxiety, stress, depression and illness. In fact, Baltic amber jewelry is so closely associated with physical and spiritual wellness that it has been discovered in the sacred tombs of Egyptian royalty.

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