Sterling Silver Rose Brooch with Baltic Amber Bloom

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Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Amber Rose Brooch

This beautifully crafted silver rose brooch features 100 percent Baltic amber petals, delicately unfurling the deep, golden brown hue for which amber is known so well. The rose symbolizes love, promise, new beginnings and aspirations for the future. Worn on the collar, breast or lapel, the amber rose brooch is a subtle yet sophisticated addition to a formal dress or daily office ensemble.

This particular type of genuine Baltic amber jewelry is especially cherished due to its purity and history. In fact, all amber resins found in the Baltic countries are more than 25 to 35 million years old, making it one of the most prized precious gemstones found in the world. A simple rose brooch in authentic Baltic amber is the ideal addition to any tasteful lady’s jewelry collection, as it pairs well with anything from a simple silver pendant to a more elaborately designed pair of amber earrings.

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