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Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver Guitar Necklace Pendant

Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver Guitar Necklace Pendant

Handmade Genuine Cognac Amber Musical Guitar Charm


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Surprise the musician in your life or celebrate your own love of the strings with this genuine Baltic amber guitar pendant. The natural swirls of honey-colored inclusions within the deep, cognac-colored amber complement the subtle gleam of .925 sterling silver. Beautifully crafted and transported by hand to the U.S. from Poland, this authentic amber guitar pendant serves as the ideal gift for a variety of occasions – it’s a perfect, thoughtful and unique present suitable for birthdays, graduation, school recitals and more. Long revered for its metaphysical properties, ancient Baltic amber is believed to attract good luck, relieve stress, clear the mind and dissolve negative energy. Many men and women wear amber jewelry like this classic guitar pendant to instill feelings of courage, protection and patience.




Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver Guitar Necklace Pendant


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