Unique Violin Brooch Pin in Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver

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Violine Music Instrument Brooch Pin

Intricately designed and handcrafted for quality, this musically inspired Baltic amber brooch pin depicts the delicate nature of the classic violin – perfect for novice musicians, professional violinists and everyone in between. Ladies’ brooches should, by definition, provide a subtle touch of artistry to well-planned outfit. This sterling silver and amber pin for women conveys a sense of beauty, melody and class that speaks to an indefinable elegance.
The genuine Baltic amber used to craft this piece was formed over the course of millions of years under unimaginable heat and pressure, causing it to fossilize as it became the precious, golden resin we cherish today. Amber is believed to possess healing, cleansing powers, including the ability to remove negative energies from its wearers mind, body and soul.

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